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Subject: Maryland Property Tax Assessments

Do you want to have more money in this New Year? Of course you do. Do you
own Baltimore or Maryland real estate?  Try appealing your Maryland property
tax assessment. If you feel your property taxes are too high, go to:   You can view your neighborhood
property tax assessments there. Do this for your investment properties also.
If it looks like your property taxes are out of line in a bad way, appeal
the assessment. It is fairly easy to do. In Maryland new assessments are
done every three years. If you can get your tax bill lowered, you can
receive a refund check for taxes already paid and get a lower property tax
bill until they re-assess the property. Go to:
to print out the appeal form. Click on "Click here to obtain a Petition
". Follow the directions that come with the form. Be prepared with some
recent comps (comparable nearby home values), maybe some photos of why your
home is not in great condition, the selling price,  if recently purchased or
proof that you have tried to sell it, but couldn't get near the currently
assessed value.
If you need recent comps, just send an email to: with
"Tax Appeal Comps" in the subject line. Include the full address of the
subject properties. I'll get the comps to you pronto.
If you don't want to appeal your Maryland or Baltimore property tax
assessment yourself, there are services that will take care of it for you
for a percentage of the tax savings. You don't pay unless they reduce your
property taxes. One company I can recommend is: Property Tax Reduction
Specialists at
We have had success in appealing our property taxes on a few rental
properties and have received several nice refund checks. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me.
Bob Kaetzel

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